40 Dares 

Some people buy a sports car or a set of boobs. I decided to spend my first year as a newly minted 40-year-old doing new, exciting, scary, and surprising things. 40 of them to be exact. 

  1. Launch a blog about finally doing all the things I talk about doing - DONE! 

  2. Live out my secret Nashville (the TV show) fantasy  >> DONE

  3. Drag my ass through Tough Mudder Central Florida >> DONE

  4. Devise a series of top secret date nights >> IN PROGRESS

  5. Flex my way through a 30-day yoga challenge

  6. Hike and hide out alone in the Rockies >> DONE

  7. Sign up for kung fu lessons

  8. Indulge in some serious spirit time  >> DONE

  9. Have an intimate dinner with a bunch of strangers >> DONE

  10. Grab the mic at an open mic night >> DONE

  11. Edit and publish Charlie's book >> DONE

  12. Invite people who inspire me out for coffee or drinks

  13. Take a family road trip to the Smoky Mountains >> DONE

  14. Conquer my fear of worms. I am really fucking scared of worms. 

  15. Learn to ride a motorcycle >> IN PROGRESS

  16. Start a new fiction writing project >> IN PROGRESS

  17. Become an honest-to-goodness Toastmaster

  18. Hike Florida with the family >> IN PROGRESS

  19. Change a tire

  20. Whip up a molecular gastronomy meal

  21. Go one month with no TV or Internet (except work and this blog)

  22. Force my toddler into the water >> IN PROGRESS

  23. Finish Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time

  24. Learn to drive a stick shift

  25. Eat vegan for a week 

  26. Go see more live music >> IN PROGRESS  

  27. Hike the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim >> IN PROGRESS

And....there aren't 40 dares on this list yet. That's because I plan to add to it–with your help. Any suggestions for new activities? Anything you'd like to join me on? Most important, are there any dares out there that YOU'VE been dreaming of? Let's share our dares and help get them done! Hit me up with your ideas.