Share a Dare  

Everyone has a few daring dreams on the shelf. Things that they want to do, but they put them off because they can't afford it, or the timing isn't right, or they don't want to do it alone, or they simply don't know where to start. Well I believe that if we just really put those dreams out there to the people we know, and they put those dreams out there to the people they know, well, you never know what might come back to you. It could be as simple as a recommendation or as powerful as a volunteer to go along for the ride. No matter what, it's a step in the right direction. And it all starts by sharing our dreams, giving them breath and life and asking our universe to throw us a bone (it usually does). Here's how to do it. 

1. Start a Goosebumps Group

Get together 8-10 people you know and trust. If possible, you want people who move in different social circles. Invite them for coffee, dinner, beers, whatever. Just get them to come out with an open mind. 

2. Share Your Dares

Each person writes down 5-10 things they dream of doing and share them with the group. Big things. Bucket list things. Things that excite and terrify them at the same time. 

3. Create a Support System

If your friends are anything like mine, this part will come easy. This is where each person pledges to help the other people in the group  by providing one or more of the following, free of charge

  • COMPANY - You will take on this challenge with them. This is the highest form of support. The kind exemplified by your best friend dragging her ass through the mud with you on a Saturday morning

  • RESOURCES - You will share something of value. Your car keys. Your knowledge of Balinese culture. Your songwriting ability and recording studio. Chances are, you have access to resources and talents that other people can only dream of. Spread them around. 

  • CONNECTION - You know a guy. An acting coach. A good lawyer. A tour guide in Macchu Picchu. Someone you know is someone that your squadmate should know. Make that connection. 

  • ENCOURAGEMENT - You give a crap. So you're going to text them. Tweet them. The next time they post a sunset photo on Instagram, comment with "Hey, did you ever sign up for those surfing lessons?" Anything to help keep those dreams top of mind. 

Here's the great thing.  Everyone can provide at least one of these for everyone else. And the impact can be exponential. 

4. Keep in Touch

Regroup every month. Or every other month. Or even every quarter. Just set aside some time to get the whole gang together so you can all talk about what's happened, and what hasn't. Not only will this keep people accountable for their own dreams, but it creates an opportunity to bring new resources to the table for one another. 

5. See What Happens

Truth is, I don't know what's going to happen any more than you do. But I can promise you that it will be more than what would have happened if you'd taken no action on those dreams. So take the steps, and see for yourself. Good luck! 

Join the Operation Goosebumps group on Facebook. If we can help, we will. If you can help, please do.