In 2015, I turned 40. Determined not to become a boring, middle-aged frump, I launched Operation Goosebumps.

It started as a personal quest to do 40 daring things during my 40th year. But then, a few things happened that took me by surprise. Some people offered to help me with one dare or another. A few offered to actually try some dares with me. And a LOT of people told me they admired what I was doing and and would love to do some daring deeds themselves....if only. If only they had the time. If only they had the money. If only they had the balls. If only they had a friend to tag along with them. If only. 

So that got me thinking. What if there was some way to erase all the "if onlys" that stop people from doing what they really want to do? If sharing my list of 40 dares inspired people to help me, to join me, and to think twice about their own most daring dreams, what would happen if we all shared our daring dreams with one another? Together, could we find the resources, the company and the courage to get them done? I bet we could. And I really hope you'll help me find out.